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It’s time to give you an update on Hit By Perfect Storm

We’ve been hit with what has to be called a perfect storm of setbacks here. First Hurricane Sandy swept away our recording studio, so 150K worth of instruments and recording gear and a year’s worth of new projects are literally down the drain. We are hoping for some relief from the Government, but we are just one among thousands and as it always goes with banks, they will gladly loan you money if you already have something in the bank as collateral. Unfortunately that’s not our case, nor is it the case with most of the folks who sustained losses here. But we’ve spent days filling out forms and sending them in and we’ll see if we can get any relief. Cross your fingers for us, all of you!

Saving the Studio

Between trying to save the studio used and trying to deal with getting our new website launched (untold hours sitting at the computer 24/7), Bruce injured his back and is still recovering. To literally add insult to injury the company that was recommended for building the new website talked a good line, but was not up to the task, we could go into a whole page of specifics but let’s just say we fired them today and are now searching for a site building company that cares about the quality of our products as much as we do!


That said many things are working just fine; you can visit our new site and order books but don’t be surprised if somewhere along the way you run into a glitch of some sort, just let us know and we’ll do our best to fix the problem. As most of you know we are all about customer service and some of you have even gotten help with issues at 3 AM on a Sunday night. We will continue to provide this kind of service; just be a little more patient because Bruce is still in recovery and some days are better than others for him. And of course those of you that know him, know he’s very dedicated to you as a person and a customer so he’s always pushing hard but these days we have to constrain him so he doesn’t have any physical setbacks. But the first thing to do is join the member’s area. You may have been a member of our old member’s area on the old site but your name was not transferred so sign up, wait for an email in your inbox confirm your account and your into the member’s area. The member’s area is slightly different than the old one. You all have your own member’s area which will show the books you have purchased and links to other parts of the member’s area to download free related products like midi files, PDFs, MP3s that will help you with your education. If you have purchased books on the old site and you are not seeing them in your new member’s area send us an email with the list of books and we will enter them into your account.

So that’s were we are at as we approach the big Black Friday. We ask you again to please let us know if you had books from the old site that you want added to the new site. We will be happy to add those products. If you sign up for the free weekly video “Tips and Tricks” we will send you a free video each week. These may take us a while to get up and running, but sign up and as soon as it’s functioning you’ll start getting these short videos which we think you’ll find useful. In the long run we will start offering a series of free videos for each book you purchase. They most likely won’t start soon but don’t be surprised if you purchase a book today and in a few weeks you start getting a series of free videos with tips on how to use the book. Of course Bruce has to create these videos, but right now he’s so full of medications and muscle relaxers we can just picture him sliding off the chair in front of the camera! -but he’s planning to be back ASAP to start adding content. We will also be offering some courses where you can sign up for “X” number of weeks and get one-on-one with Bruce to help you solve specific issues like technique, ear training, music theory etc. If you have some ideas for needed courses like this let us know, your input is always valuable to us. We are hoping to get those going in January once Bruce’s back is better. And one more thing if you place a book into the cart to purchase at don’t be surprised if you find another book listed there that we feel would complement your purchase at a lower price! So check around you might find some great deals and we will be adding more as time permits.

It is our dream to make this new website your long distance learning portal, where you get cutting edge education through products that work and really do help you improve your musicianship. If you get a product and don’t feel like it’s working for you, let us know, let us help you get going in the right direction because although this site may be our bread and butter, it’s really your site too, and the more you communicate what you need, the better the site will become. Bruce of course has 40 years of teaching experience, so he usually knows what you need already, but as he has often said, “Learning music is like undergoing psychotherapy. Not everyone learns the same way and each person can have preconceptions, specific physical problems, ego/inferiority issues, etc… and all of this has to be taken into consideration to get a student learning at maximum potential.” At dialogue is essential!

And last but not least we now have reviews for our products at the bottom of each page. If you have a story please write in and share yours. It creates community, and helps other students so much to know that for example, it took you 4 years to get the ear training but now you hear what everyone is doing in your band– or that you had almost given up on your rhythm problem and Bruce’s recommendations did the trick. Some of Bruce’s ideas may seem crazy but they work and he has seen students that had pretty awful musical skills become some of the best musicians on the planet. His list of famous students goes on and on, and believe me those students weren’t great when they started! But all they needed was the right information and approach. They kept at it, resolved their problems and found themselves as artists. So please check out

Bruce Arnold Music Education Genealogy Chart

You might enjoy checking out the “Music Education Genealogy Chart” located on my artist’s site. You will clearly see the historic progression of pedagogy that is the basis for Muse Eek Publishing Products. Great musicians throughout history have been studying the ideas presented by which derives its content from a a lineage that stretches back to Scarlatti!

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