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Bruce Arnold Guitarist, Composer, Author and Educator

Bruce Arnold Trio with Ratzo B. Harris and Tony Moreno performing composition “Snap Crackle Bop.” Video by MIchael Feldman

Bruce Arnold Guitarist

You can only watch your son play air guitar on a tennis racket for so long. That’s why Bruce Arnold’s mother gave in to her 8 year old son’s obsession and bought him his first guitar. By 5th grade, he had his own performing band.

Young Bruce Arnold on Bass Bruce Arnold Guitarist with Guitarist Dave Wood Sioux Falls South Dakota 1960's
Bruce Arnold (on left) with Cousin Dave Wood (on right) auditioning a vocalist circa mid 60’s. Photo by my aunt Ruth Wood.

The love affair with the six-stringed goddess has led Bruce down many paths in life- from the rock and roll, country and blues of his early years of playing in Sioux Falls, through jazz and his years at the Berklee School of Music where he was a student and later, a teacher. 

Bruce as Educator

It continued as he honed his chops as an instructor at The New England Conservatory, Dartmouth, NYU, The New School and Princeton.  He also developed an educational website called Muse Eek Publishing Inc.

Bruce Arnold Trio with Ratzo B. Harris and Tony Moreno performing “Factorial.” Video by Michal Shapiro

Bruce’s Music and Recordings

Other pathways emerged of a theoretical nature— Twelve tone theory and pitch class set theory, and how their sounds and constructs might be used in the expression of improvisation. Groundbreaking critically acclaimed recordings ensued in a steady stream.

Spooky Actions with John Gunther, Dave Phillips and Tony Moreno performing Anton Webern’s Music Moscow, Russia. Video by Michal Shapiro, Editing by MIchael Feldman

Bruce’s Educational Output

Along the way Bruce has played with some of the best musicians around, and written some of the most challenging books of music education. His teaching has paved the way for countless students to reach their full potentials, and attend the institutions of learning of their choice. 

Bruce Arnold performing original composition “Hobroken” Video by Michal Shapiro. Bruce Endorses Yamaha Acoustic Guitars

As you read this Bruce is probably practicing, writing or playing. Cascades of notes emanate from his studio. The love affair continues.  

Bruce Arnold Rock Trio with Jerry DeVore and Kirk Driscoll performing composition “Runway.” Bruce Endorses Music Man Guitars

Bruce Arnold Music Education Genealogy Chart

You might enjoy checking out the “Music Education Genealogy Chart.” You will clearly see the historic progression of music pedagogy that so effected Bruce’s development.

Bruce Arnold performing with a Music Man Double Neck Guitar Jazz guitarist Bruce Arnold Interview
Bruce Arnold Live at Provincetown Playhouse NYC. Photo by Bernard Levy. Bruce Endorses Music Man Guitars