Spooky Actions: Songs of the Nations

Bruce Arnold—Electric Guitar and Super Collider
John Gunther—Woodwinds
Thomas Buckner—Baritone
Kirk Dirscoll—Drums and Percussion

Melodies from the Sioux, Arapaho, Zuni, Teton Sioux, Chippewa and Cheyenne nations are given spacious arrangements that bring out their stark beauty. The internal complexities of each song are explored with grooves based on linguistic cadences. Spooky Actions mainstays John Gunther (winds) and Bruce Arnold (electric processed guitar) are joined by Kirk Driscoll on Drums and percussion and Thomas Buckner (baritone), for this project. All profits from this CD will be donated to Native American charities.

To hear or purchase music from this CD please visit the Songs of the Nations page at the record company Muse Eek Recordings

“Spooky” indeed… our friend Bruce Arnold’s jazz guitar(s) & windmeister John Gunther weave in, around & about with their own contributions to pieces from various Native American tribes (Sioux, Arapaho, Zuni – just to name a few). I’ve listened to (& reviewed) albums like this before, & they often tend to over-emphasize the non-native aspects (whether that be jazz, world or new age) on the recordings. “Spooky Actions” made sure that their additions stayed far enough back in the mix that the listener is still wrapped in the Native American experience, & that knocks the peg up a lot for me! Thomas Buckner performs the baritone vocals and readings masterfully & it wouldn’t be hard for you to imagine yourself ’round a tribal campfire, listening to the stars tell ancient stories… nice drums & percussion by Kirk Driscoll round it all out. The energy for the music being played is significant, & keeps the pace moving along very pleasantly – BUT, without overplaying the modern instrumentation. A vibrant CD that gets a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for listeners of all persuasions.”
—Rotcod Zzaj, Improvijazzation Nation

“Saying that something is original is overstated frequently by many publicists and artists. In this case, the concept of Spooky Actions is truly original. Bruce Arnold (electric guitar), Thomas Buckner (baritone), Kirk Driscoll (drums and percussion) and John Gunther (winds) -musicians that come from the New York avant garde jazz and classical scenes- have taken Native American melodies and have transformed them into ethereal chamber jazz pieces. The result is a collection of hauntingly beautiful songs.

The dreamy guitar sounds of Bruce Arnold, a la Bill Frisell; and the Medieval stylings of baritone Thomas Buckner, blend perfectly with the rhythms of Kirk Driscoll and the melodies of John Gunther. Definitely not spooky.”
—A. Romeo, www.worldmusiccentral.org

“This is a daring release by Spooky Actions merging avantgarde Jazz with music of Native Americans, and other, more difficult to place, traits which contribute to endow this release with a great originality. The result is quite unexpected and worthy of attention. The artists present seven compositions of a fresh air, where rhythm and melody are very well combined. They are pieces of a complex conception, yet at the same time they are easy to listen to.”
—Marcella Cirignola, AmazingSounds.com

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