Soul Eyes: Rhapsody

Mimi Fox—Guitar
Bruce Arnold—Guitar

When Bruce Arnold devised the NYU Summer Guitar Intensive Clinic, he put together an Olympian team of teachers–great guitarists from around the world who would converge on the University for three weeks and give the students a summer course to remember, and a springboard to their musical future. Among the guitarists he invited to participate, he was especially curious about one, Mimi Fox.

Mimi Fox is certainly one of Jazz Guitar’s heroes, having been voted a “Rising Star” in both the 2003 and 2004 Downbeat Magazine critic’s poll. She maintains a hectic schedule, performing as a solo act, or in infinite combinations, from jazz ensembles to orchestras. She has been touring since High School (!), and flew in from San Francisco to teach at the Intensive. (She appears on “Rhapsody” by kind permission of Steve Vai’s record label, “Favored Nations.”)

“I had arranged to play sessions with several of the other guitarists in the course” says Arnold “but I was particularly looking forward to jamming with Mimi. I had a feeling that I was somehow connected with her even though I didn’t know her and had only communicated through emails. Her music was completely opposite to my style of writing and playing so I was intrigued by how our differing approaches might interact.”

Bruce Arnold has made a name for himself through his CDs wherein he has successfully integrated the 20th century classical constructs of 12 tone music into jazz improvisation. He is also a pioneer of the use of SuperCollider (an object oriented computer program) in live performance, and the author of over fifty books of music instruction.

After playing a few sessions together, both Fox and Arnold realized that there was indeed something special going on, and they decided to document it on a CD.

“After our first few notes I think we both knew we had a chemistry that one doesn’t often find. Everything I played she spontaneously complimented and vise versa- it was as if we had been playing together for many years. As we reviewed each track during playback for the CD we both felt that we were listening to a pair of musical soul mates having fun together.”

And so the duo “Soul Eyes” was born, and the CD “Rhapsody.”

To hear or purchase music from this CD please visit the Soul Eyes page at the record company Muse Eek Recordings

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