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Order Valium Online Canada

Heavy Mental
Bruce Arnold—Guitars and SuperCollider
Andy Galore—Bass
Kirk Driscoll—Drums

“…torrents of white hot, blazing guitar shards that mix blues, rock, and fusion into one terrifying union.” -seaoftranquility.org


Bill Milkowski says it better than we can: “The outcome of this inventive trio session is a fresh amalgam of visceral rock bombast, jazzy harmonies and cutting edge sonics, the likes of which haven’t been heard since Terje Rypdal’s wildly experimental mid ‘80s power trio, The Chasers. His 28th release overall, “Heavy Mental” is easily Arnold’s most hard-hitting and audacious outing to date”

In 2001 Bruce Arnold came out with “Give ‘Em Some” a jazz-rock n’ funk blast that had critics writing
“… a CD of music that is both muscular and intellectual…,” “…Arnold manages to be technically brilliant and emotionally explosive all at once,” and “…one of the better jazz/rock/fusion albums I’ve listened to in (let’s say) the last 10 years.” *

Now Arnold comes roaring back with Heavy Mental, another return to his love of all-out electric guitar-driven, distortion drenched, high octane music. But as with all of Arnold’s ventures, this is music with an intellectual backbone. Arnold brings to bear all his investigations into 12-tone theory, hexatonics, and sound collage, using SuperCollider. The application of these theoretical strictures dictates very specific note choices, making Arnold’s sound strikingly unlike any other guitarist in the field. And together with Andy Galore on Bass and drummer Kirk Driscoll it creates a powerful and mature musical statement that satisfies on every level.

In the 9 years since Arnold’s ground breaking “Give ‘Em Some” he has immersed himself in a plethora of differing genres. From exhilarating jazz adaptations of 20th century classical masters, to straight-ahead-with-a-twist jazz duets, Arnold has relentlessly pursued his passion for musical innovation. Heavy Mental comes full circle in a sense, as he returns to his rock roots, bringing along a rucksack of theoretical constructs, all of which have been thoroughly explored. Sit back, turn up the volume and get ready for some serious musical stimulation.

“Bruce was always an avant garde purveyor of the guitar—breaking down sonic walls with daredevil acumen—but on Heavy Mental, the sound is more guitar-centric jazz-rock fusion ala Terje Rypdal, Satch and Allan Holdsworth…. amazing fully formed fusion outing.” –mwe3.com

To hear or purchase music from this CD please visit the Buy Alprazolam India page at the record company Muse Eek Recordings.

“On Heavy Mental, Bruce Arnold proves he is guitar player and composer of high magnitude.”
—Peter Pardo, Buy Phentermine In The Uk

“Jazz-rock fusion that cranks up the volume enough to make metalheads take notice.”
—EdgeoftheWorld, Buy Cheap Alprazolam Online

“This is a something for everyone album, that is impossible to classify. Satriani shredding meets avant-garde meets jazz meets rock meets NOLA funk.”
—Hans Werksman Buy Alprazolam In Australia

“this is Bruce like you’ve never heard him. Who knew Bruce had such a hard hitting jazz-rock fusion instrumental side to his muse? ”
—Robert Silverstein Order Alprazolam

“It is unique how Arnold takes the familiar blues form and turns it into a work that gives you so much to listen to.”
—Richard Henry, Generic Ambien Pill

“Sit back, turn up the volume and get ready for some serious musical stimulation.”
—Laurie Monk, Buy Mano-Diazepam

“Arnold has the love of power shred to make the vibe his own reflecting his own passions.  Guitar fans can feel free to rejoice.”

Chris Spector – Buy Phentermine Canada Online

“Heavy Mental features the guitarist in a more modern, rock influenced setting than most would expect from a jazz guitarist. But, Arnold’s deep level of musicianship and musicality rise to the top of every song, allowing him to perform in any genre that he pleases without the risk of “selling out” as some artists have done in the past.”
—Matt Warnock Buy Raw Alprazolam

“It’s a terrific outing that will please those who like the drive of rock with intelligent playing and arranging. Mr. Arnold should find plenty of eager converts to his brand of axe wielding with this disk. Give it a good listen and you could well be one of them!”
—Grego Applegate Edward Buy Alprazolam Online India

“Jazz/classical guitarist Arnold cranks the fuzz and works the wah for a spontaneous excursion through “12 Tone Boogie” and various obeisances to ’70s hard rock and heavy blues. Bassist Andy Galore and drummer Kirk Driscoll trundle along with a grin, and Arnold sounds as if he ain’t had this much electric fun since he was 12.”
—Greg Burk Buy Genuine Phentermine

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