Bruce Arnold—Acoustic Guitar
Dusan Bogdanovic—Acoustic Guitar

No matter how accomplished the artist, there is always another level of achievement to strive for. The music on this recording quite literally breaks new ground; documenting an aesthetic adventure between two guitarist/composers who weave inspired musical worlds out of every note they play. From medieval sounds to the intricacies of cutting edge contemporary jazz and classical music, Bruce Arnold and Dusan Bogdanovic here aspire and conspire to meet the challenge of creating spontaneous and breathing musical spaces.

To hear or purchase music from this CD please visit the Aspiration Page at the record company Muse Eek Recordings.

“These are two master musicians improvising on an extremely high level. Their communication is excellent and this is a really unique insight on how both of these players think.

Consequently, as a high level conversation, it requires a lot of attention to hear what’s going on. If you spend the time to really listen you will hear how themes are developed and expanded upon.

Transcending guitar, Dusan is one of the heaviest musicians on the planet. (Read his counterpoint book if you doubt this claim.) I would think that hearing and possibly learning some of the music here to understand his process would be invaluable to guitarists who want to improvise more compositionally. ”

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