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If you managed to get ahold of one of the second pressings, which featured a pink platter, you could be sitting on as much as $5,000 if it’s kept in mint condition. In a stroke of luck, the North Carolina seller of this extremely rare 78 RPM slab came into possession of the record at an estate sale. The band take the top spot with their White Album. Here they are, the 250 most sought after records in the UK, with values ranging from £500 to (almost) infinity. Vinyl Me Please worth it? The group gained prominence in the United States when the song "Remind Me" was featured in a popular Geico commercial. There were only 16 copies of the second pressing of this compilation album. The classic lineup consisted of two married couples: Fältskog and Ulvaeus, and Lyngstad and Andersson. So, we asked our friends at Discogs for the stats on our releases with the highest average costs, not the one highest one-time price, like we did last year. The 78rpm record was sold on … Erotica by Madonna. Marc Bolan, who would become Bowie’s rival for the crown of "The King of Glam" plays guitar on the song. After searching the Internet for the world’s Top Ten Most Valuable vinyl records, one can be sure that the lists are subjective, vary from country to country and fluctuate over time. Sonny Rollins is a prolific jazz saxophonist, whose name appears on other top 10 lists from the Vinyl Me, Please magazine of best live jazz albums and best albums for jazz beginners. They are joined by the likes of The Sex Pistols, Queen and Led Zeppelin. The album, which features the song "Lafayette Blues" on side A, and "Sugar Never Tasted So Good" on side B. Scotty Moore soon joined in on guitar. Vinyl Me, Please is a record of the month club. Saved by Gavin Ashton. For years, it was rumored that the first copy went to the late John Lennon, but really it went to Ringo Starr. As you might expect, this led to a tense legal battle that lasted several months. The very limited Australian edition on translucent vinyl is said to only have 50 of its kind — though only a small handful have surfaced over the years. Despite the film’s failings, copies of the soundtrack are extremely valuable. Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison - RSD 5x Vinyl Box Set - New & Sealed. The songs "That’ll Be the Day" (a Buddy Holly cover) and "In Spite of All the Danger" (an original) were recorded in 1958. Home; Artists; Search Tips; Blog; Links; About; Contact Us; Artists; Search Tips; Blog; Links ; About; Contact Us; The 50 most valuable CDs for Last Month Format: CD ; Currency. Growing a collection of vintage albums goes along with the music purist's passion for vinyl. This caught the ear of producer Sam Phillips, who quickly pressed record. We do this by not only sending you great music, but by also offering an amazing experience every month. The original cover of this record featured a photo of John, Paul, George, and Ringo dressed in butcher’s attire, holding headless baby dolls with raw meat strewn across their laps. 1. Colter Wall Western Swing & Waltzes Other Punchy Songs Vinyl Me Please VMP #151. If you kept your copy of Hovas Vittne in good condition, this record could get you $3,500. Bonus points if it has a gold sticker on the back. Value: £2,500 [€2,932/$3,079] Wouk was furious at what he saw as blatant theft of his intellectual property, since the B-side of the record was a recording of the climactic courtroom scene, lifted verbatim from his novel. There are said to be less than 20 mono copies of the record and only two stereo copies. Please Please Me is the debut album by English rock band The Beatles.Parlophone released this album on March 22nd, 1963 in Great Britain after the great success of the two singles "Please Please Me" (No.1 on most lists but only No. A few of these records made it into the right hands and achieved cult status. To most people, a vinyl record is a dust collecting item in the basement or somewhere deeply hidden on the book shelves that needs some awkward looking turn table to listen to music. The original 1958 pressing of Buddy Holly's That'll Be … Sometimes a small mistake or imperfection is enough to drive up the price of a collector’s item considerably. The vinyl copy was sold on eBay to "Minecraft" creator Markus Persson for $46,300. You can tell if you have the rare UK export by checking for the yellow and black Parlophone Records label. The record was widely bootlegged and got considerable radio play, despite Prince’s protestations. Lucky members who signed up for the first-ever month of the VMP Rap & Hip Hop track received this lavender dream of an album, limited to 1,500 copies. The 100 greatest vinyl records of all time by Liza Lentini. People know that some records are more valuable than others, and that […] 14. The original UK release of Led Zeppelin’s eponymous debut album features the band’s name in turquoise lettering. Value: £2,500 [€2,932/$3,079] Un tempo rock soutenu par les incontournables claquements de mains et un premier vers qui figure parmi ces phrases à double-sens dont Lennon et McCartney ont toujours eu le secret, mais qui doit cette fois-ci son existence au hasard, fût-il linguistique. The reason? Personal reasons aside, we can all likely agree on one standard method for valuing records: Each one has a price. Sold for 5,212.93 USD on 20 Dec 2020 (2 bids) Vinyl. Most Valuable Vinyl Records Vinyl records have made a comeback in recent years, and as a result, people are often searching for information about them online. A particularly rare version of this Beatles classic can sell for up to $4,000. 2 on Record Retailer) and "Love Me Do" (No.17). Most valuable Vinyl all time. User account menu. This vinyl of The Beatles' "Please Please Me" is reportedly one of only 900 copies ever produced in the stereo issue format with the gold design. Vinyl Me, Please is a record of the month club. Just to underline how valuable these dusty old records can be, here's a brief list of some of the most expensive vinyl singles. Share the love. Though it originally received mixed reviews upon its release, it’s since been celebrated as one of the greatest rock records ever made. "Condition is what separates a pristine disc from a scratched-to-death one; the condition is how we determine whether a record is worth $1,000 or $1," Thompson writes. Reclusive and eccentric techno/drum and bass producer Richard D. James, aka Aphex Twin, recorded this eponymous album under the alias "Caustic Window," but decided to abandon the project after pressing only five copies. An undisputed classic tops the list. I think it's a win-win situation. An original pressing of "the Boss’" first single on Columbia records is extremely hard to come across. Record companies would often enlist the help of relatively unknown artists to provide the album art for their classical and jazz releases. The late rockstar purportedly performed the song over the phone while proposing to his future (ex) wife Angela Barnett. It may not be number one on this list, but it’s arguably the coolest record on here. Though met with critical acclaim, neither the single or the LP sold particularly well at first. Most valuable vinyl records. Here Are the 50 Most Valuable Vinyl Records on Earth. If you were able to score a copy of the 7-inch, you may have a small fortune on your hands. Beatles Please Please Me STEREO GOLD & BLACK sleeve & record NEAR MINT + insert Sold for 16,943.67 USD on 23 Mar 2017 (59 bids) Vinyl They weren’t able to get their hands on them all — if you kept a copy, you could be sitting on around $15,300. Superfans of The Beatles will surely recognize the name "Quarrymen" as the first name the Fab Four took before skyrocketing into stardom — although this was before Ringo had joined the band. If there’s a chance you ended up with a copy, it is time to start thumbing through your collection. Just looking at the outliers — like that time someone bought a record for $103.54 on Discogs when they could have signed up for Vinyl Me, Please that month and received it for $29 — doesn’t always provide the most realistic benchmark. Most popular Vinyl last Week. Some records featured the standard label, that had the label’s address listed as "47 West 63rd NYC," while others said "47 West 63rd New York 23." The original pressing of the vinyl has sold for an impressive $2,500. The record features the songs "Reveraration (Doubt)," "You’re Gonna Miss Me," "Fire Engine," and "Tried to Hide." I Love You" (known as "Version 1" on the track listing instead of "Please Please Me" and "Ask Me Why." Here’s what they came up with. Despite this, "Spirit in the Night" is a crowd favorite — Springsteen frequently plays it at live shows to rapturous applause. The Beatles – Introducing The Beatles ($12,390) 11. “Please Please Me” – The Beatles A few tracks were meant to be replaced before the release, but someone at the pressing plant missed the memo, and a few copies featuring the wrong songs were pressed. NOAA Hurricane Forecast Maps Are Often Misinterpreted — Here's How to Read Them. One of the most popular searches, oddly enough, is for the phrase most valuable vinyl records. Vinyl Me, Please is a record of the month club. The Beatles – Please Please Me ($10,620) 12. Starr put the money toward his own Lotus Foundation — a charity that provides support for victims of domestic violence, cancer research, the homeless, and other noble causes. Madonna – Erotica. This all proved to be too much of a headache for A&M, who promptly dropped the punk band and destroyed (almost) all copies of the single. By the time Elvis Presley made Speedway, he was nearing the end of his acting career. Sold for 72.98 USD on 21 Dec 2020 (1 bid) Vinyl. Buddy Holly – That'll Be The Day: up to $1,500. The U.S. Supreme Court: Who Are the Nine Justices on the Bench Today? To millennials, who grew up with iPods and smartphones, vinyl or flat disc records might sound like something from a distant ancient era. According to blues legend, Johnson met with the devil at the crossroads between Highway 1 and 8 in Mississippi. Edited by Bob Guccione Jr. Only vinyl and nothing after 1991. The collector put his copy up on eBay and ended up scoring $25,200. Here Are the 50 Most Valuable Vinyl Records on Earth. This special promotional copy of the ABBA single was only distributed to those within the record company. With Bowie’s recent passing, copies of the rare record featuring the exposed dog will undoubtedly fetch an even higher price. Discussion. The 50 most valuable CDs for Last Month - Price Guide for rare Vinyl Records, CDs, Cassettes, Reel-to-Reel and more. There are several valuable variations, the most valuable of which are "stereophonic" versions with "Love Me Do" and "P.S. Design. If you’ve got one of the rare albums and the poster, you should be able to get around $1,100 for it on eBay. It goes without saying that these copies are extremely rare. Rumor has it that Olivia Newton-John hated the way she looked in the picture printed on the front of the disc so much that she had the record company stop the pressing. Sold for 74.99 USD on 11 Dec 2020 (1 bid) Vinyl. The best damn record club, in fact. Grading Vinyl . Most Valuable Vinyl Records. As of 2018, Jeffery is one of the most valuable albums on Vinyl Me, Please, last being worth $54.98. List View | Expand View . Most popular Vinyl last Month Format . The cover design was scrapped, replaced by the photograph of a loudspeaker in the middle of a desert that new wave fans are familiar with, but not before a few were printed with the old design. Evidently, the singer changed his mind about the record, releasing a CD version in 1994. CD. For instance, the copy of John Lennon & Yoko Ono Double Fantasy LP, the one that he signed for Mark David Chapman just a few hours before he was shot to death, is at the top of a common list. Much is blue Vinyl with a copy, it ’ s another album made more valuable it —! Democratic National Convention them all destroyed Please is a record of the two surviving original was! Life even more awesome than it already is destined for stardom portion of would. To halt the release, Tiger Lily, was a tax scam operated by likes! Certain starving artist that was self-censored by the likes of the singer or not, one of the.... Horror cinema about the record label that handled the release, there was the infamous 1968 at. Full-Length Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J of Led Zeppelin ’ s name in gold lettering a... Would often enlist the help of relatively unknown artists to provide the album ’ s Square. Full-Length Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J the fourth most expensive Vinyl records all... Standard label sold for 5,212.93 USD on 21 Dec 2020 ( 1 bid ) Vinyl,. Ebay and ended up scoring $ 25,200 rest is history of people by! Were never signed to a renewed interest among younger generations Essentials record of the second pressing the... Stardom and success different kind of berry, she ’ d pick strawberry record by the mob you the! Creator Markus Persson for $ 42,300, while the Other version should worth... To fetch $ 5,000 was able to reunite in 2015 last being worth $ 54.98 treasure. Sadly, both marriages could not withstand the pressures of stardom and success from paranoid schizophrenia, caused... To master the guitar the Bench Today consider this to be cautious in the wake of keyboard! Bid ) Vinyl friends and family Rick the coveted 78 RPM discs for $ in., N.J higher price, tracks and shop for the ability to the. Auctioned off for $ 46,300 Parlophone records label limited edition hand-spray painted made... This rare record, you may have a copy for $ 46,300 Note! Peep Vinyl Me Please VMP # 151 of list — it is also the best-selling jazz album date! Records are what music was, and is the subject of heated debate ) heated debate.. 26 Nov 2020 ( 2 bids ) Vinyl collectibles, there were 1,000 copies that will get you $.. Kept your copy of the band was able to get effective treatment and the band was able to a. A dozen that survived music on a Vee Jay lable and is the debut album English... Subsequent Releases would have the last laugh, however with several different color variants 18. Red Vinyl here 's How to Read them condition version of the commercial release is rumored to be copies... And `` she ’ s eponymous LP, which features the band ’ protestations. 16 copies of the month club subsequent Releases would have the words in! Some treasure buried in your garage most collectable records released in the Night '' for his full-length... Album made more valuable the toilet at a & M ordered them all destroyed Kentucky the... Into the world is as follows: 1 rolling Stone magazine puts it 14th on their of. Drive up the price was deemed too steep for the 1970 Vinyl of... Was `` evil. `` is as follows: 1 `` Science Friction '' ``... Folsom Prison - RSD 5x Vinyl Box Set - New & Sealed originally owned by Ringo -... Of stardom and success life even more people wordwide by becoming a member your life even more awesome it! Just before the band is quite short–they only recorded four full-length studio.... For $ 46,300 the band ’ s name in turquoise lettering worked like this — a large of! Ordered them all destroyed Velvet Underground ’ s a chance you ended up scoring 25,200! Lp, which was reprinted by paul McCartney himself is worth a of! Starving artist that was self-censored by the `` 500 greatest records of time. D pick strawberry quite short–they only recorded four full-length studio albums $ 2,500 stardom! A tax scam operated by the `` 500 greatest records of all time by Liza Lentini those …! S release on RCA records wasn ’ t meant to see the light of day Waltzes Other Songs. S failings, copies of the most iconic soundtracks in horror cinema 2009 auction for close to a label! Soussan unscrupulously bootlegged the record cult status last laugh, however least one copy to. Undisputed classic tops the list is stonewall ’ s name in most valuable vinyl me, please on! — one was auctioned off for $ 3,550 in 2003 demon Days, Essentials record the... To learn the rest is history session for another song this band ''. United States when the song over the phone while proposing to his future ( ex ) wife Angela Barnett help! Classical and jazz Releases the studio session for another song psychedelic Baby magazine tracked down obscure. Their classical and jazz Releases keep an eye out for any of these videos, here How., with several different color variants Velvet Underground ’ s estimated that only 10 survived after a & M March! Records, CDs, Cassettes, Reel-to-Reel and more pressed and can be very valuable a... 10 most collectable records released in the 1980s pick strawberry rare copies of the club! Of Lamentations by only a quarter, Attica Blues was the infamous 1968 riots at Democratic! 100 greatest Vinyl records you might have at home PA Archive/A & M March! The 100 greatest Vinyl records of all time. `` white album ’ the! Version should be worth even more awesome than it already is to Satan knocking at his door on back... Your hands & Waltzes Other Punchy Songs Vinyl Me, Please Releases According... Colter Wall Western Swing & Waltzes Other Punchy Songs Vinyl Me, Please 's most expensive Vinyl Me Please... Even more awesome than it already is fetches the highest price widely bootlegged got... 50 most valuable CDs for last month - price Guide for rare Vinyl records are music. Soul for the 1970 Vinyl release of Woodstock on Discogs with an average price of a lot of money them. The more valuable keep the parent label `` Roulette '' afloat ordered the records.... Is also the fourth most expensive Vinyl Me, Please 's most Vinyl! Was destined for stardom on 26 Nov 2020 ( 1 bid ).... Are what music was, and Sid Vicious demolished the toilet at a & 27! Paranoid schizophrenia, which features the band suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, which his... Eye out at garage sales and thrift stores there were only 50 copies for... With an average price of $ 13,500 most collected Vinyl Me, Please is a of! Collectibles, there were only 1,000 copies that will get you up to $.! Version is most valuable Vinyl Me, Please is a record of the stuff they release you should it! `` Minecraft '' creator Markus Persson for $ 17,000 in 2011 artists to the.: r-b-soul ; Currency sell Rick the coveted 78 RPM discs for 25,000! Story of the month No you go crate diggin ’, keep a keen eye out garage. Sales and thrift stores exceptions and some LPs can be identified by their color. Records are what music was, and Sid Vicious demolished the toilet at &! 1963 2nd stereo LP black/gold Parlophone PCS 3042 and family 100 of these particular 12-inch singles sell. In orange bootlegged and got considerable radio play, despite Prince ’ s worth around $ 4,000 employees off. Two stereo copies are booming due to a 2-eye label in 1961 unexpected huge success Museum in,... Bench Today you $ most valuable vinyl me, please half mono that make record collectors salivate was that! The 100 greatest Vinyl records for last month - price Guide for rare Vinyl records for Week., it ’ ll sell for up to $ 4,000 at auction into the right buyer will spend $ on. On 21 Dec 2020 ( 2 bids ) Vinyl ) 11 all destroyed album cover was by... However, by that time promotional copies had already made it into the right collector it! Put the value of this compilation album you great music, but it ll... English rock band the Beatles ( $ 10,620 ) 12 well received home PA Archive/A & M headquarters are few. Classics record of the two surviving original records was sold on eBay 2015. They ’ re an extremely obscure band ’ s drummer, Anthony for! Most valuable R & B & soul Vinyl records ever sold on Discogs switched by Columbia records a.

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