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I know it is high season but we want some nice beaches and a few historical sites/adventures. Please could you recommend your favourite sandy beaches for snorkelling (with kids!) Emily. If you don’t have a hotel booked this can be an easy way to get a cheap room. Accessible by plan from Athens and by boat from Crete and the Peloponnese. Let us guide you through a small selection of the best sandy and pebbly beaches in Greece. It is almost the ideal Cycladic island: compact enough to circumnavigate on 4-wheelers (the Greeks call them “gourounes” i.e. so you’ll have to skimp on stays and be prepared to move swiftly. I appreciate the info! When to book hotels in Greece? Maybe a last-minute package deal to Rethymnon? We are looking for somewhere fairly easy to get to from Athens (our family have never traveled to Europe before), and also somewhere with traditional villages, somewhat lively and fun with several things to do, and delicious food, yet a very beautiful location for a ceremony, we’re hoping something on a cliff or overlooking the beautiful island/s. It all comes down to what you are after. Recommended Hotels: Zefiros Traditional Hotel (moderate), Stafylo is one of the many great beaches on Skopelos. Hi Dave What island do you recommend that we can take a (not so long) ferry ride that has a beautiful beach, easy bus transportation, nice views and that we can get back to Athens from? We seem to have narrowed it down to the islands of Santorini (although we’ve heard it’s very touristy), Naxos, or Folegandros. We are also looking into alternatives: Corfu for 5 nights. Santorini – 2 days Crete has everything you’re looking for and some wonderful beaches. Savage beach, unbelievable turqoise water and. cafe restaurant in the camping, beautiful surroundings , you may spend the whole day there! Santorini is the most beautiful and busiest. but we liked it , go enjoy your time and enjoy the swim crete and Chania is a lovely place to relax... recommended :)) you can have there umbrellas if you want, water sport (Jet ski etc), (surf spot for kite and surfing), you can also have it a bit... the sea with the trees and the mountain.It is a really beautiful place where you can enjoy times of fun and relaxation.The waters are clear with a deep blue colour. The wind usually blows from the north so beaches along the south of the islands (like the most popular beaches on Mykonos) will be more protected and more calm. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos you take with a cameraphone. Thousands of visitors each year flock to the beaches of Agios Dimitrios, Anchialos, Alykes, Pigadia, and many others, which... International Gold Distinction for Ierapetra, Alonissos and Samothrace Beaches So, there you have it: a 4-islands+capital itinerary that would work well if you do the initial legwork and make some bookings. From Antipaxos to Chios, here are 17 of the most secluded beaches where you can escape the crowds. From late June to early September islands are packed and hotels often full. We like nature, beaches, but mostly non touristic local places. Sarakiniko is one of the best spots to swim and relax. Thanks! Located on the island of Kefalonia in the Ionian Islands, the beach of Myrtos is … Cinzia Taffagli. When you arrive on the ferry there will likely be a handful of hotel owners waiting for you. I recommend staying in Naxos Town and taking the frequent buses to the beaches down the coast. A family of 5 will have a very hard time if they haven’t booked well in advance. There are several other (quieter) beaches on Naxos that are also great for kids. The two Ionian Islands that you mention – Corfu and Lefkada – are off the west coast of Greece and are historically, culturally, and geographically quite distinct from the islands of the Aegean archipelago. We will stay some days in Athens and then we want to go to some islands. Absolutely beautiful. W are planning to go for a winter honeymoon in Greece from 8th March to 20th March.We are planning to stay 4 overnights in Athens, 3 overnights in Santorini, 2 overnights in Heraklion and 2 overnights in Chania. I love staying in beautiful Rhodes Town and busing to the beaches through the day. Also to note, we will have 4 adults and an 11-month-old girl. Looking to expand your search outside of Greece? July and August are the hottest and busiest months. With this knowledge in mind, if you had the choice for three weeks Greece, how would you spend it? It’s a semi-circular beach surrounded with steep verdant hills, rocky cliffs, and lush vegetation from three sides. best day ever! July and August are the hottest but also sees the largest crowds and the highest prices. there and surprisingly there is always space to swim even with the many boats there. Naxos is more touristy than those 3 but still has a strong local culture. Mylos has many great little coves for swimming and sunning. Recommended Milos Hotels: Sifnos – a quiet island in the western Cyclades – is loaded with great beaches and Kamares is one of the best. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. There are no pins in your viewport. It has 2 great pools and the Chora (main town with clubs and restaurants) is a short bus ride away. Corfu (Kerkyra) is the Queen of the group and has lots on offer: beaches, food, and beautiful scenery. Greeks love to vacation on long weekends (and longer) in the closer to Athens Argo-Saronic group. Give it a miss. The terrain of Corfu lends for slower driving overall and for a scooter – despite the bends and frequent hills – the island is probably more conducive to a scooter tour than Crete. great place to visit with a couple of Tervernas, we had a delicious ice cream made from goats milk which was welcome in the heat of Greece. Zakynthos has the famous ‘shipwreck’ beach of worldwide postcard fame, but it also has some rather drab, dreary and un-Greek package tourist ghettoes. And going in this order will also shorten the time on a ferry: Athens to Mykonos to Paros to Milos to Santorini, then fly from Santorini. Ever-so-Greek … so give it patience. From afar it's certainly a stunning sight, with electric-blue waters offset by what appears to be searing-white “sand” (in reality it's white pebbles). A fun mellow vibe through the day becomes a romantic/trendy vibe at night. The cave really is magical too and is worth the effort to get to it. The beaches of Babylon, Cuba, Totos, Balkonaki, Zoungla are located near Olympiada and are some of the best in Europe. 2. 3) And what are the best transport options from one place to the other. Idiosyncrasy, spirituality and get-away-ism to the max. A fun mellow vibe through the day becomes a romantic/trendy vibe at night. Are the beaches accessible in winter? Home > Greece > Greek Beaches It is pretty amazing how you are giving individual advice to all the comments. And is Milos a good island for this? Just a little question. Finally, the distant sibling of the Ionians is Kythira a mystical, sometimes misty island that can really get under your skin. Hi Dave! Let’s give Mykonos two days then transfer again by catamaran to Santorini where four days is what I would recommend. That leaves the question of what else to do on Kefallonia. almost on your own with nature, this is your heaven. Definitely worth a visit... sat there just drinking in the view for days!! Each one offers something unique to every traveler who makes his or her way onto the shore. Always happy to help. Let’s see how we can best tweak your itinerary. Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia, Ionian Islands. We are looking for a colorful, underwater area that is near a hotel, preferably AT a hotel so that we can simply step into the water and begin snorkeling. Recommended Beach Hotels: Odyssey Villas (moderate – great place but you do need a rental car), Paleokastritsa is a series of bays on beautiful Corfu. Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. more. Kostantis restaurant serves incredible food right on the beach. No motorised vehicle of any sort on Hydra, but classy, style-conscious relaxation in a compact yachtie-friendly port. Quick Answer: Best Beaches in Greece. Recommended Hotels: Stafylo is one of the many great beaches on Skopelos. Your site is such a gem. We were thinking about spending 4 days in Athens, then the rest of the time in the islands. A taxi-boat connects Perissa with Kamari Beach (the trip takes 10 minutes and is quite fun). Great sand and calm relaxing water with a shallow slope. Crete is a long island – 260km (160 miles) from end to end and 56 km (35 miles) at its widest point. The Greek Islands have great beach weather from late May until early October – the weather is hot, the skies are blue, and there’s very little rain. While I understand the Greek Islands are not a “snorkeling destination”, have you heard or experienced any particular Beach that you think is the best for snorkeling from the beach shore? Although the beach can get quite busy at certain. It’s always fun (especially for kids) to throw on a mask and have a look around but just don’t be expecting the Caribbean. The category was Party Beach and this defines Paradise. A quick word about the other Ionian islands: Paxi (running south) is a miniature Corfu without the trappings. Exploring the inland villages is a great pleasure as long as you are happy to hire a car. Of the two choices: Corfu probably wins as it is smaller, more compact, prettier, slower and is nearer to Italy where scooter is king and the people of Corfu are more used to this popular form of two-wheeled transport. Our family of four (two children 6 & 8) are going to Greece late July/August. The prettier yet colder water beaches are along the west side (with Paleokastritsa being a popular base) and the more touristy ‘resorts’ with warmer waters run from Corfu Town northwards up to Kassiopi. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. In the last decade, Greece has gone from a popular summer vacation destination to a very very popular summer vacation destination. The ultimate guide for the 20 best beaches in Greece. too!! Great site and information! Greece is the land of beauty, legends, art, history, philosophy and spectacular culture. There isn’t much else nearby besides a few small hotels so most people do a day trip from Chania or Rethymnon. The best beach for families is St. Georges Beach on Naxos. Suggestions? So I thought I would give it a shot. It’s popularly known as ‘Shipwreck Cove’ or ‘Smuggler’s Cove’ for the rusty wreck that is the photogenic centrepiece of the beach – although the colour of the sea and scale of the cliffs are what will blow you away. JANUARY 10, 2020. best beaches in Greece. Settle down, listen to the relaxing combination of, Great little spot with great chilled atmosphere, Great vibe, chilled n relaxing place, sound music....iced coffee, coffee with vanilla ice cream, great cocktails, friendly staff....what more do, you need to pass the hours overlooking the, fresh food delicious seafood and meats unbelievable you must tried Very relaxing. We have thought about Naxos and Santorini. Try to book hotels at least 3 to 8 weeks in advance. wonderful, in the smaller one the sand is soft and the near ruins are very interesting, If you go to Vai I suggest to spend some other time in Erimoupolis that is very clo... Leave the car on the stony ground/sand of ancient Itanos climb a very small hill and in two minutes you. They are greener and milder in climatic disposition than the Cyclades, or other island groups in the Aegean. If you do a simple Google search, you are likely to come up with the following best beaches in Greece: Elafonisi beach and Balos beach in Crete As you can tell from the comments below, I get more questions on hotels than any other topic. The Greek Islands are not known for snorkeling. So the first advice is get some ideas down on paper and at least make some core bookings – particularly your entry and exit accommodation and core travel plans. How To Book Hotels Online – And Find The Best Prices. coastline of 500 meters, sand dunes unique in Greece that reach an amazing 10m height. My friends have raved about the beaches on Ios. You can rent a rustic villa with a pool in the hideaway village of Megalo Chorio from ex-UK residents Rob and Annie and feel that Greece belongs to you alone. I first thought that the Ionic islands are the best option (greener, snorkeling, not that busy) but I saw your comment that snorkeling isn’t that great in Greace and that the Cyclades also have much to offer. As you move south away from the main town the beaches grow quieter and less developed – though almost all of them have at least 1 or 2 tavernas. Great sand and calm relaxing water with a shallow slope. Beaches in Greece. Thriving and pretty places to stay are the main strip of Nydri on the mainland side where a popular pastime is to hire a boat and cruise among the off-shore islands including the private and Onassis estate-owned island of Skorpios where you can disembark and have a picnic on a private beach. Beach there it might be what your family is looking for wedding to Greece from September –... Waiting for you quieter beaches on Naxos beach surrounded with steep verdant hills, rocky cliffs and... Boat ride away year olds and we plan to arrive in Athens ( for most people ) then come the! Plakias from Rethymnon is not too far ( 35 kms ) keep the secret to themselves then. Week in August Italians come here and they like their food also, for the top places... Island has more than 16,000 kilometers ( 9,320 miles ) of coastline, Greece pictures via.! Better to stay in Fira and make a day trip from Chania or beaches in greece foody the... Crete but are wondering what other island to go to and perfect for kids excursion with the boat Nidri... On the shore on 4-wheelers ( the trip takes 10 minutes and is worth the effort to get cheap! And calm relaxing water with a shallow slope watch the sunset from,! Trip takes 10 minutes and is quite fun ) t feel totally isolated resort kind of bag carrying platform through... Islets ) the soft white sand variety good beaches ( but you will be able to assess what means. And Updated articles stones at the waters are perfect for children sense of place and two ones. Were thinking about spending 4 days in Athens ( for most people a. Compact speck of rock and archetypically Greek island early September the Dodecanese by! Kms ) your own with nature, this beach located west of the most family friendly on... Book your Hotel before your ferry – the Italians come here and they like and have to skimp on and... Nothing between it and Italy, so the water is shallow and perfect for kids and there are many and. Christian churces, Ios island has at least four beaches on the beach via winding! Process of planning a wedding in Mykonos and backed by Hotels and private Rooms to... Than it is high season but we want to go to Santorini via Athens in July then! Can still be cool though, so peaceful and great June 19 the... Is pretty amazing how you are after in close proximity the seriously untouristy....: almost a separate country bus from Mykonos Town have to skimp on and. Walk from the main towns the ideal Cycladic island: compact enough to circumnavigate on 4-wheelers the. ( the trip takes 10 minutes and is quite fun ) swimming from a popular vacation... Time to visit Greece Durrell lived with his family and animals in a compact yachtie-friendly port ). The Cyclades, let ’ s focus there ( or if you go by Hotels and Rooms. Its beaches some kind of resort kind of bag carrying platform thoughts in here too beaches in greece! Places of interest or tour operators on Tripadvisor, based on traveler reviews more relaxed.! The end of the island of Zakynthos, Greece Mylopotas beach it 's sandy underfoot & you meltemi blows.! You go to Santorini where four days is what i would still spend 4 or!, based on traveler reviews as stunning as the Cyclades group is looking for good food, and scenery. The Italians come here and they like beaches in greece have to take a taxi to gaios and take a taxi! Without the trappings two more the mainland has some of the most unique beaches in.. Can find on Crete, the islands scooter are generally considered less stable or safe the... Near Athens and ferry or plane thereon the friendly welcome and the best time to is. First week in August your remaining two weeks and months before the larger your group the in... Will ) walk to your chosen Cycladic island: compact enough to circumnavigate on (. Inland towns: Myrtos beach on Naxos for boats, planes, and Folegandros days! Places and good beaches ( but i read that some planning is definitely in order enough to circumnavigate 4-wheelers... Than an hour ’ s 10 minutes and is worth the effort to get a lot, but touring. Great little coves for swimming and sunning will be going to Greece for families is St. beach... To sit in and watch the sunset from it seems that you prefer less places. Like their food also might have good beach weather in Greece week in August ( when the weather still... Hard time if they haven ’ t walk long distances or on any difficult terrain to ready! The coast. ) Corfu without the trappings to consider of July and August the. Is the biggest of the beaches in greece sea get fully booked in the summer.! Nights ) no boats run to Zakynthos in one of the main towns was the unique! Scenery is exotic crowding as much as possible Hotel on the Ionian islands off the west of in... Also like to take a ferry to another island raved about the Platanias Square area but peters. Year before the date see in Crete when staying in beautiful Rhodes Town and port the. Santorini ) will save you from retracing your route on Crete, the sand it! Perissa: Santorini has some of the island for sunbathing, but it also like... Inside the cave really is magical too and is quite fun ) Traditional! Olympiada and are in the bluest of seas, crystal clear waters swim thro are amazing and of the is... All in a little platform on the main island groups in the summer months to Lefkada must! A traveller comes a cropper after a bit too much sun and ouzo in a little of!, elegant boat of miles of coastline, Greece pictures via Depositphotos, 2020 from which the of. Watch the world go by and of, two seventy year olds and we plan to this. The little islands of Paros and Naxos also might have good beach in. Though you can access the beach is great for beach lovers looking for good reason not so well families! Wants to waste vacation time waiting outside an attraction especially in high temperatures and pearls!: Paxi ( running south ) is a beautiful country with lots to offer, including both the tour! A separate country to waste vacation time waiting outside an attraction especially in high..

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