Live Video Guitar Lessons

Mr. Arnold offers live video guitar lessons for those students who have access to video conferencing software and hardware. Your hardware and software must be compatible with Apple Macintosh iSight and iChat video conferencing software (please check with your manufacturer. Most systems are compatible). The lessons use full video and audio so this is the next best thing to being in New York and getting a lesson with Mr. Arnold. Before signing up and paying for a lesson you must contact Mr. Arnold to setup a lesson time and discuss the purpose for your lesson, including topics to be discussed or other special requirements that may be needed. Contact Mr. Arnold.

Once you have contacted Mr. Arnold and set up your time slot, follow this link to pay through our shopping cart system. Please note that each video lesson must be paid for in advance of the video lesson unless you have a credit card on file with Muse Eek Publishing.

Important considerations: If you schedule a lesson and don’t try to connect (basically are absent) you will be charged for the lesson (no refunds). If you attempt to connect and there is a mechanical or internet problem you will not be charged. You must send an email to Mr. Arnold (link) if you are unable to connect due to a mechanical or internet problems. This email must be dated within the time you have booked for your lesson to avoid being charged for a missed lesson. Your lesson will be for the full amount of time requested. There is usually a period of time needed to connect with each other. This connection time period is not part of your lesson time. If you are new to video conferencing it is suggested you find a friend to test your connection before entering into an agreement to participate in a on-line lesson with Mr. Arnold.

Weekly private student’s of Mr. Arnold can request video lessons when unable to make their regularly scheduled lesson time. Your connection period and any testing in this case is limited to your specific lesson time. Mr. Arnold does not do test runs for weekly students and if a connection is attempted during the lesson time, which doesn’t succeed, the student will still be charged for their weekly lesson. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Mr. Arnold’s has a .mac account. His AIM screen name is
This is the address you will use to connect for your video lesson.
If you have problems connecting during the lesson you can contact Mr. Arnold at or call 212-473-1264.

If you want more information on connecting via ichat please read the following

First a good place to start:

Overall directions for getting started

Download and install iChat A/V from Apple. You’ll need the admin user privileges to install software.
2. Use your .Mac account, or sign up for a free AOL Instant Messenger account (AIM).
If you were using iChat 1.0, this information will transfer automatically. If not, iChat will prompt you to sign up for one service or the other. Remember your handle — you’ll need to e-mail it to your friends.
3. Find a buddy. Ask your friends and family if they use AIM to chat, and have them e-mail you their handle. You can also look on Apple’s iChat discussion board for people who want to video conference.
4. Add your buddy. Under the Buddies menu, select Add Buddy. You can select a person who’s already in your Address Book, or create a new person. Then enter their information and click the OK button.
5. Connect your iSight or digital camera to the FireWire port.

Video Chat

1. Open your Buddy List (Command-1).
2. Click the green video icon at the top of the Buddy List. If your iSight is connected, that will pop open a preview video window. How’s your hair look? How’s the lighting in the room?
3. Find your buddy in the list. If you and she are both online with your cameras connected, you should see a green video icon next to her name. Click it. This will invite her to video chat with you. When she accepts, you’ll see her. You’ll also see yourself in a smaller picture-in-picture window.


* Make sure there’s enough light for your buddy to see you. Watch out for bright lights or windows behind you, which can make your image come across as a silhouette.
* You can avoid screen reflection from your glasses by angling your computer screen away from you slightly. Or if you don’t need them, take them off. Hey, you look 10 years younger!
* You can’t video or audio chat with more than one person at a time. You can, however, have several text chats at the same time. But it is really distracting and probably a breach of unwritten iChat etiquette.
* If the audio is “muddy,” click the mute button on and off quickly. This seems to clear up most problems.
* If you’re using a video camera hooked into your FireWire drive and it keeps shutting down, take the tape out. This often fixes the problem.
* The Preview image is reversed like a mirror. Don’t worry, your image will be sent out correctly. This is actually a design feature, with the idea that you’ll use the preview like a mirror to fix your hair, makeup, tie or whatever.

Audio Chat

1. Launch iChat A/V.
2. Open your Buddy List (Command-1).
3. Look for an online buddy with a green phone icon. Click it. This invites her to an audio chat with you. When she accepts, you’ll see a new dialog box that pulses with the volume of your voice.


* You shouldn’t need to shout. If they can’t hear you, turn up your computer’s volume.
* You don’t need iSight to enjoy an audio chat if you have a built-in or added mic and speakers.
* When you’re in a room full of people, whoever talks will need to speak clearly. That said, iSight and the built-in microphone on your portable/iMac/eMac work together to cancel background noise.

While iChat AV works with any FireWire video camera, Apple’s iSight digital video camera was designed for video conferencing, delivering sharp images and clear sound through its built-in, dual-element noise-suppressing microphone. Smaller and lighter than most cell phones, iSight has a unique centre mount design which allows video conversations to be far more engaging and natural. iSight is available today and demonstrates Apple’s unique ability to create a tightly integrated hardware and software solution.

iChat video conferencing requires a minimum G3/600, but a G4 is recommended for best results due to the processor requirements to compress the video for transmission. Also requires a broadband connection. A camera source is also required. Apple offers the iSight, but those with a G4 can use a standard DV video camera connected by the FireWire port (really cool!).

Lesson Prices: 1/2 hour $60.00 USD, 1 hour $120.00 USD