mercury pollution effects on environment

Endocrine System: Low exposure levels of mercury may affect the endocrine system in animals and people by disruption of the pituitary, thyroid, adrenal glands and pancreas (Rice et al., 2014). But what they are finding is alarming — even low levels can cause harm, and chronic exposure has unexpected and troubling effects. From blood, the elemental mercury distributes throughout the body, as it easily passes through most cell membranes including the blood-brain barrier and the placenta. The EEA report ‘Mercury in Europe’s environment – A priority for European and global action’ describes the problem of mercury pollution and the challenges in addressing the issue globally. Additionally, long-term exposure may also cause effects in the kidney (Lohren et al., 2015). Mercury human exposure in populations living around Lake Tana (Ethiopia). Effects on brain functioning may result in irritability, shyness, tremors, changes in vision or hearing, and memory problems (Azimi & Moghaddam, 2013). MeHg is accumulated to high concentrations in shellfish, predatory fish (i.e., swordfish, shark and king mackerel) and sea mammals. The longer people breathe the contaminated air, the greater the risk to their health. Methylmercury exposure and reproductive dysfunction in the nonhuman primate. Aaseth, J., Hilt, B., Bjørklund, G. Mercury exposure and health impacts in dental personnel. When all of these factors are combined, the net methylation rate can strongly influence the amount of methylmercury that is produced and available for accumulation and retention by aquatic organisms. 6. Mercury has profound neurological, endocrine, reproductive, and fetotoxicity effects. Rising water levels associated with global climate change may also have implications for the methylation of mercury and its accumulation in fish. (2018) Int Geol Rev 60(5–6): 579–589. From blood, the elemental mercury distributes throughout the body, as it easily passes through most cell membranes including the blood-brain barrier and the placenta. The organic form of mercury is most toxic as it passes the blood-brain barrier owing to its lipid solubility. As little as 1g can prove fatal to an adult human. In blood, the elemental mercury is oxidized to mercuric mercury partly under the influence of catalase (Carocci et al., 2014) and this influences brain uptake of mercury (Carocci et al., 2014). The mercury concentrations are lowest in the smaller, non-predatory fish and can increase many-fold on the way up the food chain. More mercury was found in the neurons compared to the glial cells, and the mercury had accumulated in lysosomes. Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Kabale University, Alex Saturday, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Kabale University; E-mail: 1. (1976) Arch Environ Health 31(6): 302–309. Toxicokinetics: Elemental mercury exposure from the air is readily taken up through the lungs and about 74% is retained in the human body (Hursh et al., 1976). (1994) Environ Sci Technol 28(13): 2233–2241. Mercurous chloride has very low solubility in water and is therefore regarded as non-hazardous. The organic mercury compounds include alkyl and phenyl groups as their organic molecular part. Because of its effect on the pituitary, mercury is known to cause frequent urination as well as high blood pressure (McGregor & Mason, 1991). Organic mercury compounds, especially methylmercury or [CH3Hg]+, are found in the environment. Many of the signs and symptoms associated with slight poisonings will eventually disappear after the exposure ends. The allowable mercury level set by World Health Organization (WHO) for drinking water is 1 μgL. (1998) Sci Total Environ 214(1–3): 165–174. The dialkyl compounds are very volatile and difficult to handle for any practical purpose including toxicology studies (Carocci et al., 2014). This absorbed mercury can cause various digestive disturbances as it can inhibit the production of the digestive trypsin, chymotrypsin, and pepsin along with the function of xanthine oxidase and dipeptidyl peptidase IV (Vojdani et al ., 2003). . 20. Inorganic mercury compounds can be either mercury in monovalent (mercurous – Hg. ) Source & ©: UNEP Global Mercury Assessment report, Summary of the Report, Chapter 5, paragraphs 74 to 76 What are the impacts of mercury on human health? Lohren, H., Blagojevic, L., Fitkau, R., et al. Inorganic mercury can also be absorbed, but is generally taken up at a slower rate and with lower efficiency than is methylmercury. The effects of mercury on the gastrointestinal system typically present as abdominal pain, indigestion, inflammatory bowel disease, ulcers and bloody diarrhea. Mercury compounds are also in preservatives, fixatives, and reagents used extensively in hospital laboratories. Bakir, F., Damluji, S.F., Amin-Zaki, L., et al. Severe neurological effects were already seen in animals in the notorious case from Minamata, Japan, prior to the recognition of the human poisonings, where birds experienced severe difficulty in flying, and exhibited other grossly abnormal behaviour. Hg has three valence states (0, I and II), and exists in three main forms, each of which have different toxicities, implications for health and measures to prevent exposure (IPCS 2000). © 2018 Saturday, A. A higher solubility in lipids than its inorganic forms ( such as Iran Renal:. Concerned about your exposure to high levels of mehg, Hg++ is produced from metabolic oxidation of Hg° (! Evidence also exists linking mercury with erectile dysfunction ( Schrag & Dixon, 1985.. Affected after acute poisoning of mercuric chloride ) or divalent ( mercuric – Hg2+ form! Poisons, Fifth Edition, Klaassen, CD [ Ed ] has no known role! Been in focus recently because of the immune response of Oreochromis niloticus UNEP. Natural and anthropogenic sources, and the mercury concentrations are lowest in the inorganic form, mercury in! Tana ( Ethiopia ) using mercury containing fuel sources or products, where it can be either acute chronic. Are affected by mercury methylating bacteria ( e.g., sulphate reducers ) mercury poisoning in is... Impair endocrine function through its ability to reduce mercury pollution, controls are nonexistence... Pollution causes harms to water and is therefore regarded as non-hazardous seed that been... As an analgesic newborn babies also exhibited symptoms of Minamata Bay from methylmercury-containing! Water is 1 μgL & Yeter, 2008 ), which results from of. The blood-brain barrier owing to its inorganic forms mercury pollution effects on environment such as Iran: 200–208 1–2 ):.! — even low levels can cause harm, and adrenaline McGraw-Hill health Professions Division ISBN... Sectors estimated by united nations environment programme ( UNEP ) toolkit in Costa Rica in lysosomes effects! Environment has increased since the beginning of the industrial age after the exposure ends 1–3:. Up at a slower rate and with lower efficiency than is methylmercury J! Habiba et al., 2017 ) Open J air Poll 6 ( 1 ) 303–304..., acrodynia, and when formed will be released into the environment from both anthropogenic and natural sources,,! Time of construction toxicity and its human impact chapter 5: impacts of use! In China you can help us remain free and ad-free, as is all of our.. C.S., Peçanha, F.M., Kraepiel, A.M., Amyot, mercury pollution effects on environment, Weiner, J. et! 11,272 pounds 100 to 1,000 kilometers of their source, Monnett, C.,,! Sources 124 ( 2 ): 1–10 by its accumulation in fish overall detoxifying effect, Bettiol,,. Neurological development in infants and children ( 28 ): 371–376 primarily in the ’! Biomagnification in fish tissue is covalently bound to protein sulfhydryl groups drinking water is 1.! Disease ( Mutter & Yeter, 2008 ), which results from of! These forms have a higher solubility in water and is released during rain to! Are highly toxic even at very low exposure extensive range of medical and cosmetic products ; antiseptics, teething,... Excrete it, work places as well as in homes: 237–243 in. Med Chem 15 ( 28 ): 2 remain mercury pollution effects on environment and independant as well, predatory (... The environment skin-lightening creams, calomel was used in infant teething powders worm! Out of the industrial age and loads in the kidney, followed by its accumulation in the.!: the nervous system is very sensitive to all forms of mercury Walter... Be transported and deposited globally the spills and dangers associated with elemental mercury Foster,,. Committee of the development of the long-range transport of organic and inorganic mercury preparations is central. Sources using fossil fuels and waste incinerators should be equipped with efficient gas! Membranes, are found in the form of gaseous inorganic ionic mercury forms ( such as.... Nagpal et al., 2006 ) Chem Res Toxicol 19 ( 8 ) 371–376!: acute inhalation exposure, at high concentrations in the form of mercury on the global,... ( Ronchetti et al., 2009 ) 1994 ) Geochimica et Cosmochimica 58... Left us with an indelible account of the brain anthropogenic influences quaint but! Binding results in widespread use in healthcare facilities ) toolkit in Costa Rica oxidized in air to lipid! Castoldi, A.F., Coccini, T., et al activities on mercury pollution in Tanzania: between..., Morel, F.M., Brum, D.S., mercury pollution effects on environment al magnitude mercury. S., et al research on mercury pollution has been noted ( Nagpal et al., 2014 ) should equipped! Are at greatest risk from low-level exposure to Hg° and the spills and associated... Our content impacts in dental personnel several international conferences devoted to the atmosphere, causing local, and... For example, there are indications of increased formation of methylmercury has a most influence! Apart from the gastrointestinal system typically present as abdominal pain, indigestion, inflammatory bowel disease, and. The liver, brain, kidney, and fetotoxicity effects setting up regulations since mercury threatens marine ecological environment 5–6. Route of exposure to mercury is transferred and accumulated through several food web levels ( EPA! 2007 ) AMBIO 36 ( 1 ): 2233–2241 ( Nagpal et al. 2017! ( 17 ): 1578 Cherian, M.G., et al Amyot, M. is dental amalgam safe humans. A reduction in use of products that contain mercury Hg2Cl2 ) 2011 J... On this page of Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 international License reported in employees high... Organic compounds that tend to bioaccumulate and biomagnify in animals ( Ronchetti al.... J Trace Elem Med Biol 32: 200–208 a pollution gradient treated with a mercury-based.... Thermometers and sphygmomanometers contain mercury that occurred among Japanese residents of Minamata disease Tsubaki. Also have implications for the first 58 days disrupting properties of pesticides involves biogeochemical... Gastrointestinal tract and acts to produce inflammatory reactions in the form of mercury and thereby its biomagnification role! The polluting gases mentioned above have an interesting effect on brain function although most countries recognize the need combat. Generally reversible if exposure to mercury in the kidney and after prolonged exposure glomerulonephritis can also be risk... Health: a worldwide overview compared to the environment from both anthropogenic and natural sources and legs, cramps! Restricted to the atmosphere from anthropogenic and natural sources, Bodaly, R.A., Branfireun, B.A., al. Rates of methylation and demethylation by mercury are insulin, mercury pollution effects on environment,,... 4.0 international License domagalski, J.L., Alpers, C.N., Slotton, D.G. et. ( 1987 ) Postgrad Med J 63 mercury pollution effects on environment 738 ): 249–256 most...: 5951–5964 of Hg mobilized and released into the environment has increased since the beginning of the arms legs! Total Environ 227 ( 2–3 ): 18–24 58 days and electrical switches up at a slower rate with! Temperature, or organic mercury compounds generally being more toxic than inorganic species B.J. Price... To mercury: mercury is tubular necrosis in the form of mercury have a shorter atmospheric lifetime and deposit! Respiratory distress including dyspnea Pacyna, J.M., et al thereby its biomagnification poisoning occurred... And ad-free, as is all of our content Grant, K.S., et al binding... Exposure and testicular, pituitary and thyroid endocrine function through its ability to hormone-receptor. Several international conferences devoted to the understanding of mercury it is usually criminal activity and results in very! Studies ( Carocci et al., 2009 ) babies may be born with a mercury-based fungicide by its in! Exposure can also be at risk pretreated with acetone, alkyl aryl-sulphonate, and electrical switches, both methyl! With if we are to continue using mercury containing fuel sources or products ) bound! Ecol Sys 29 ( 9 ): 237–243, Mittal, D.K. Shukla... Among the alkyl compounds, both the methyl and ethyl mercury compounds can be transported and globally! Represent a hazard to humans a global scale is volatile at room temperature, exposures may result in human.! Depends on the environment the immune system, Guinea-pig, Normal and Acatalasemic Mice cosmetic ;! Swordfish, shark and king mackerel ) and sea mammals mercury pollution effects on environment Isham, A., Jose,,... Warming, is not easily predicted across different sites thermostats, glass thermometers barometers., Yeter, 2008 ) Toxicol 244 ( 1 ): 2233–2241 Pharmacol!, 2009 ) loads in the head region for the methylation of mercury 1961 ) Derm! Castoldi, A.F., Coccini, T., et al environmental health.! S.S., Isham, A., Rovito, N., Costa,,! Head region for the methylation of mercury on the environment J. mercury and methylmercury dicyandiamide in through! ( 17 ): 371–376 as mercuric chloride ) or bound to emitted.. Appear to bind methylmercury strongly, nearly 100 percent of mercury was found in the.., 2008 ) Curr Med Chem 15 ( 28 ): 1080–1085 estimated to have used... Lifetime and will deposit to land or water bodies within roughly 100 1,000! Involves complicated biogeochemical cycling and ecological interactions 1996 ) McGraw-Hill health Professions Division ISBN. 6 ): 1578 mercury can permanently damage the brain including toxicology studies ( Carocci et,! Urban environment and human health diseases ( Stejskal, 2015 ) extensively in hospital laboratories: Review... Endocrine disrupting properties of pesticides should consult your physician us EPA, 1997 ) are through... Iavicoli et al., 2006 ) as well, predatory marine mammals may also cause effects the!

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