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Bulk brown rice is inexpensive and when combined with a serving of beans creates a complete protein and good carbohydrate meal. So, if whether you’re a broke college student, an entrepreneur trying to put all your money into a business, or just a guy who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on food, here’s the best clean bulking diet for you. ), ECA Stack: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners (Updated 2020), Ostarine (MK-2866) Review: How to Gain 18 Pounds of Muscle in 3 Months, 6 Incredible Benefits of NoFap: How NoFap Changed My Life, RAD 140: The Complete Newbie’s Guide to Testolone For Building Muscle, How to Get Six Pack Abs: 4 Key Tips to Get Abs Faster, Clean Bulking Diet: Get JACKED With This $100/Month Meal Plan. If you're bulking, it's best that you have a large meal every 4 hours. In this article, I'll show you the best and cheapest bodybuilding recipe ideas so you can bulk on a budget. Copyright 2020 It’s when you throw caution to the wind, and just shovel down ice cream, donuts, pizza, and other foods to get a ton of calories in. You need protein to build muscle and you need a lot of calories for energy and sustainable weight gain. Starting early morning is the key so you go to bed with digested calories rather than your stomach being full of food. You already know that if you want to grow you must eat big. You may notice that there’s also no supplements in this bulking diet. Considering the cost of this meal, which is something like $0.50, that’s pretty fucking good. This meal plan feeds 2 people. When you've got a really tight budget for food, you may think it's impossible to feed yourself and family for a week. Getting enough protein is absolutely crucial to any sort of bulking diet. A lot of people think that fat isn’t very important when you’re on a bulking diet…this is not true at all. Become a master at experimenting with different spices and seeing what tastes best. In fact, I encourage you to just use this 3-day bulking meal plan as a template and guide to create your own. I remember when I first made my bulking on a budget meal plan. Anyways, the carbs we’re going to use in this diet are mainly brown rice and beans. Chicken breast will be the majority of your protein on a clean bulking diet, so it's no wonder bodybuilders eat so much of it! LUNCH – Oatmeal will literally cost you maybe $3/week, so it’s definitely something that you want to incorporate into your bulking diet. Nothing contained within the site is the advice, opinion or otherwise the view of any host, owner, server or other provider of services to Masculine Development. If you're trying to bulk on a budget, aim for a lot of chicken breast. If a few simple rules regarding timing and composition of meals are followed, there is no need to throw hard-earned money at a sl… Scoop out a small handful of the mixture and roll it into a compact ball in your hands, then place the ball on a baking tray. Everything you eat has a macronutrient (macro) profile. The above-mentioned plan gives you a total 4010 calories in a single day. I used to have 2-3 cups of oatmeal just for breakfast, and sometimes even 1-2 cups before I went to bed. There's a lot of great dirty bulking meals out there, and it depends on how cheap you want to get. THE MUSCLE PROGRAM, all rights reserved. It lays out EXACTLY what you need to do, if you want to get that lean, shredded physique, that turns heads at the beach. Alright, are you ready to dive headfirst into a plate of bulking meals? The idea is simple: Eat a load of food every day that surpasses your basic daily calorie requirements. Keep in mind that you can adjust these amounts depending on your caloric needs. If you want to build muscle, you NEED carbohydrates to fuel that muscle growth. These foods are also are the least expensive of the types of foods you need to make gains. That’s pretty good for like $25 a week. In addition to this, you can put different things into your oatmeal to make it more favorable. 48 Hour Fast: Why Bodybuilders and Weightlifters Should Fast, Eating Big to Gain Muscle: My Personal Story as a Hardgainer. Ultimate 4,000 Calorie Clean Bulking Meal Plan: Grocery List; Ultimate 4,000 Calorie Clean Bulking Meal Plan: Prep And Pack No matter what the ‘so-called’ experts say, you need to eat big to get big. Here’s why I recommend ALLWHEY: I do recommend that you get the 5 lb. Meal 5: (post workout) 1 scoop of whey protein powder, 20 oz. What a great, albeit gross way to add in some healthy fats to your diet. Yogurt. Blends can reduce food volume quite significantly and make it easier for your body to digest the meal. Become an expert at spices and herbs, as well. You cannot build muscle without protein, period.Â. Repeat after me: food is fuel, food is fuel, food is FUEL! This is my last bulking plan. Again, you can dip the chicken breast in a different sauce if you want to retain your sanity, but this is optional. The two things that matter most are protein and calories. You don’t want to destroy your body and wreck your health by downing garbage food. Blend food! You can dip chicken breast in pretty much any type of sauce, which helps remove some of the monotony of always eating the stuff. Also, you probably noticed a ground beef and pasta (aka spaghetti) meal every day. Plus, all of my lifts went up. Bulking on a Budget: The $100/Month Clean Bulk Meal Plan! Using the ingredients below, you can whip up a delicious dish in minutes. Doing little things like this every day was how I maintained my sanity. GNC whey protein for example, promises that it’ll help you get jacked by giving you a ton of protein, but in my opinion, it’s a complete ripoff. SARMs PCT: Do SARMs Require Post Cycle Therapy? Adding organic spices, sauces, and other condiments to your food will be more expensive, though—so be warned. The goal of this cheap meal plan is to maximize each dollar spent. Or, if the kids are doing it with you (like ours are with us), then this plan is easy to multiply as well. Try it out, and good luck with your gains! It also costs you like $0.75 which is pretty damn amazing. Contrary to the above, bulking is NOT an excuse to, You will be eating balanced meals – protein, carbs, and fats, This will be considered a high protein and high carb diet, Pancake mix (pick up some natural syrup made with real sugar), Whole wheat pasta (organic sauce for this), Eat big and for the most part, eat quality foods, consistently. It’s not because they’re a scam or anything like that—SARMs, for example, are 100% legit, pure legal steroids. A 2,000-calorie diet is considered standard, but depending on your activity level, body size, and goals, you may need more. Paleo vs Keto: Which Diet is Best for Bodybuilding? Actually, you can read my personal story on this post: Eating Big to Gain Muscle: My Personal Story as a Hardgainer. The key to making this meal plan workout for you, for gaining mass in general, is consistency. In the bulking on budget meals above, there are some options for meal prep. A lot of men won’t even need this many nutrients. For example, you can make sandwiches ahead of time. I talk about that in the article though, so definitely give it a read. So, I decided to create the most calorie-efficient, cheapest, clean bulking diet possible—and I succeeded. Sauces are a great way to bulk up on a budget. You can use BBQ sauce, ranch, Chipotle, hot sauce, and more. I’m personally allergic to peanut butter, but nut butters are a great way to get in some quick and easy calories, plus a ton of healthy fats. You absolutely need fat, and there is no way around this. It’s really not a complex equation. You should NOT follow this bulking diet if…. Bodybuilding foods can cost an arm and a leg. 3 “Weird Tricks” to Get A Better Jawline (Mastic Gum & More), How to Be An Alpha Male: The Ultimate Alpha Guide That Every Man Must Read, Eggs (buy the 2 dozen containers at Walmart/Costco), Ground beef (2.99/lb when it’s on sale in bulk), Ramen (literally dirt fucking cheap, like $1.99 for 3200 calories), White Rice (it’s higher calories, but less nutrient dense), Sweet potatoes (buy the big bags, of like 15lbs for $8.99), Almond butter/peanut butter (for healthy fats), The “Fast Track Method” to Get The V-Taper Look That Celebrities, Athletes, and Male Sex Symbols Have, My “Hybrid Training Protocol” That Helps You Shred Fat Off Like Butter, and Pack on Lean Muscle Mass in Record Time, My Full Nutrition Layout, Including Customizable Options For Your Specific Body Type and Needs. As a nutrition professional who has experienced clients’ cholesterol levels increasing due to the unhealthy fat and sugar dumped into the most common calorically dense food, I had to discover the healthiest bulking foods for hard gainers. If you want to use some cheap sauces for the chicken, you can as well. This diet is pretty bare bones, so you’ll need more nutrition. This meal prep is broken down into 3 different parts. They’ll cost you more, though, so buy sparingly. So you can cook enough to last you for a few days to eliminate the time spent on your meal planning. I’m going to give you a 3,000 calorie ‘clean bulk’ meal plan that will help you make gains in the right places.. So, for example, if you want to weigh 205, then you should consume 205 grams of protein a day. If you really want vegetables that bad, just buy broccoli in bulk once a week and chop it up and boil it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Here it is, boys. In addition to this, you can also put fruits like blueberries or blackberries into your oatmeal, but be sparing, though. The reason why I didn’t have very much fat with this meal, is because having fat increases the time it takes for protein to get to your muscles. of ground beef, tomato sauce, 2 oz. And cooking rice, pasta, and potatoes is simple. Either way, I hope you guys follow my clean bulking diet plan. Everyone I talked to was touting bulking diets as the best meal plans for building muscle mass, fast. If you buy them in bulk, they’re not that expensive, but they’re definitely a hell of a lot more expensive than just plain oatmeal. Buying some of the best pre workouts out there and taking them before your workout will help you blast past plateaus and bulk up faster. jug. Create a custom 3500 calorie diet plan with 1 click. You have to marry the two together: Keep it simple! Be careful, though. I was a hardgainer in my younger years, so I completely understand what it’s like to train hard but not make gains. Take a look at a budget meal plan … READ THIS SECTION FIRST: This question may seem a bit obvious, but it’s important to fully understand why bulking is important. The rule of thumb is that you need at minimum 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight to build muscle. It helps you stick to it more easily. It is important from the very moment we are born, all the way through our entire lifetime. MEAL 2. The one supplement I do recommend you buy, is a good multivitamin. 30+ Budget friendly meal prep ideas to keep your taste buds happy, your belly full, and your budget on track! This is the holy grail of bulking diets… the meal plan that I used to gain a ton of muscle, and still shred fat, on a budget. Broiler – Cook for 7–9 minutes on each side Grill – Cook until golden brown about 4–5 minutes, then turn steak over and cook for another 3–5 minutes for medium rare or … If you want a full bodybuilding guide, that covers weightlifting, nutrition, and supplements, consider checking out Body of an Alpha. This adds on an additional 100 calories or so, and one bottle will last you for ages. For the beans, go to Costco. This meal amounts to roughly 925 calories with 50 grams of protein. On just $100 a month, I was able to successfully bulk up for the winter, putting on a solid 20 pounds of muscle. In fact, here’s some of what you’ll get with Body of an Alpha: So, if you’re serious about bodybuilding, training, and getting the body that you’ve always dreamt of, consider checking out Body of an Alpha today. The ratios are what’s important, though. How to Get Laid on Tinder: How I Banged 17 New Girls in 5 Weeks, 5 Common Shit Tests (And How to Pass Each One), The Ultimate Guide to Oneitis: How to Cure it and Come Out Stronger, The Sex God Method: 4 Steps to Give Her Amazing Sex, The TRUTH About Female Hypergamy: Using it to Your Advantage, What is Negging? Just be sure to avoid the one-a-day multivitamins, which are total scams. Tons of carbohydrates will also help, so be sure to consume a lot of brown rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa, and whole grain foods. Part 1 Of 3. Of course some you’re eating much of the same foods, but there’s enough variety to keep you from getting burnt out with your diet. Like, it could literally be around $50 a month, or maybe even less. Every muscle meal should be packed with diet nutrients to help you gain bigger, stronger muscle mass. Note: articles on this website may contain affiliate links, through which the website owner receives some compensation from purchases made. If you haven't read these articles yet, you might be a bit lost going forward so I suggest checking them out now. Cinnamon is a good, cheap option. If you want to spend more money, you can buy some pork chops or ground beef in bulk. For dinner I was in for a treat: 2 cups brown rice (cooked) 1.5 cups pinto beans (cooked) Tuna brisket; This adds up to about 1300 calories and 80 grams of protein, and barely even costs a dollar. Most bodybuilders eat a ton of chicken breast, whole grain pasta, oatmeal, and brown rice when they're bulking. First off, realize that this diet could be much cheaper. You know that you have to eat to grow and build muscle mass. Yes, there will be cheat-meals (like pancakes, because I love me some pancakes)! Yep, that’s right—if you lived off of chicken breast for protein, and donuts for fat and carbs, you could easily cut the cost down by half. (Dosage, Timing, & More). Although it’s certainly tastier than a clean bulking diet, it’s probably going to destroy your cholesterol levels and fuck your body up. In my opinion, supplements are a great investment, but if you’re broke, you may want to reconsider this. Just because you’re on a bulking diet doesn’t mean you can go crazy, though—there’s an ideal number of carbohydrates for you to have each day. It’s much better to do a clean bulk, where you eat healthy, but cheap foods to get jacked. But if you’re struggling to afford food, don’t bother with buying whey protein, pre workouts, or anything else. You can stretch your grocery … The 3,000 calorie meal plan is a bulking diet that I put together, specifically made for people who have a low budget. The absolute best meal plans in terms of muscle gain, strength gain, and health are totally free. SARMs Stack Guide: The Best Bulking & Cutting Stacks in 2020! So there you have it: if you want to bulk up, you have to eat a LOT of calories. A typical go-to would be oats, full cream milk, protein powder, and nuts. Nothing stated shall be construed to serve as a replacement for competent advice from professionals. Don’t even think about getting on the steak and eggs diet, either, because while it’s great for increasing testosterone, it’s a lot more expensive than what you’re probably looking for. __CONFIG_colors_palette__{"active_palette":0,"config":{"colors":{"62516":{"name":"Main Accent","parent":-1}},"gradients":[]},"palettes":[{"name":"Default Palette","value":{"colors":{"62516":{"val":"var(--tcb-skin-color-0)"}},"gradients":[]}}]}__CONFIG_colors_palette__, __CONFIG_colors_palette__{"active_palette":0,"config":{"colors":{"f3080":{"name":"Main Accent","parent":-1},"f2bba":{"name":"Main Light 10","parent":"f3080"},"trewq":{"name":"Main Light 30","parent":"f3080"},"poiuy":{"name":"Main Light 80","parent":"f3080"},"f83d7":{"name":"Main Light 80","parent":"f3080"},"frty6":{"name":"Main Light 45","parent":"f3080"},"flktr":{"name":"Main Light 80","parent":"f3080"}},"gradients":[]},"palettes":[{"name":"Default","value":{"colors":{"f3080":{"val":"rgba(23, 23, 22, 0.7)"},"f2bba":{"val":"rgba(23, 23, 22, 0.5)","hsl_parent_dependency":{"h":60,"l":0.09,"s":0.02}},"trewq":{"val":"rgba(23, 23, 22, 0.7)","hsl_parent_dependency":{"h":60,"l":0.09,"s":0.02}},"poiuy":{"val":"rgba(23, 23, 22, 0.35)","hsl_parent_dependency":{"h":60,"l":0.09,"s":0.02}},"f83d7":{"val":"rgba(23, 23, 22, 0.4)","hsl_parent_dependency":{"h":60,"l":0.09,"s":0.02}},"frty6":{"val":"rgba(23, 23, 22, 0.2)","hsl_parent_dependency":{"h":60,"l":0.09,"s":0.02}},"flktr":{"val":"rgba(23, 23, 22, 0.8)","hsl_parent_dependency":{"h":60,"l":0.09,"s":0.02}}},"gradients":[]},"original":{"colors":{"f3080":{"val":"rgb(23, 23, 22)","hsl":{"h":60,"s":0.02,"l":0.09}},"f2bba":{"val":"rgba(23, 23, 22, 0.5)","hsl_parent_dependency":{"h":60,"s":0.02,"l":0.09,"a":0.5}},"trewq":{"val":"rgba(23, 23, 22, 0.7)","hsl_parent_dependency":{"h":60,"s":0.02,"l":0.09,"a":0.7}},"poiuy":{"val":"rgba(23, 23, 22, 0.35)","hsl_parent_dependency":{"h":60,"s":0.02,"l":0.09,"a":0.35}},"f83d7":{"val":"rgba(23, 23, 22, 0.4)","hsl_parent_dependency":{"h":60,"s":0.02,"l":0.09,"a":0.4}},"frty6":{"val":"rgba(23, 23, 22, 0.2)","hsl_parent_dependency":{"h":60,"s":0.02,"l":0.09,"a":0.2}},"flktr":{"val":"rgba(23, 23, 22, 0.8)","hsl_parent_dependency":{"h":60,"s":0.02,"l":0.09,"a":0.8}}},"gradients":[]}}]}__CONFIG_colors_palette__, Bulking on a Budget: 3-Day Meal Plan for Mass Gains, Simple Bodybuilding Meal Plan for Quality Muscle Gains.

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