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Welcome to my artist site. I hope you will enjoy my blog and browse my CDs. Most CDs have audio excerpts, and you can find more at Muse-eek.com. My latest news is the release of Bruce Arnold’s Jazz Guitar Summit NYC project. I’m very proud of it and I think you will find it to be a great resource for understanding some of the more advanced concepts in music. It took many years to film and edit this project. Personally I think this is a must-own collection, and I encourage you to purchase this product; it contains concepts and exercises that will keep you busy for a very long time no matter what your musical level is.

Bruce Arnold’s Official Artist Website

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  1. Jean-François Aloïsi says:

    Dear Bruce ,
    Could you please let me know if it is possible to purchase your books and DVDs in New York.
    If so could you give me the address?
    Best regards,

    Jean-François Aloïsi

  2. Joe Starr says:

    Dear Bruce: I am looking to purchase a book that contains scales,chords
    and arpeggios [long and short]along with sequential thirds, sixths etc. based on this material.I play guitar but piano is my first instrument.I went through extensive training on the piano [Juilliard graduate] and part of my technical preliminary training consisted of scales, arpeggios and sequences in broken thirds etc.,both diatonic and chromatic .
    I’m looking for a book that contains the same complete exercise technical material that I
    studied on the piano. I believe that a book that contains a thorough preliminary tecnique builder would go a long way in building a thorough jazz technique on the guitar. I would consider
    to be an upper intermediate to advanced guitar player at this point in time but feel that I’m not going on to a higher plateau . This is very frustrating! I continually search for books that contain material in building a thorough guitar technique but with no positive result.
    Thank you for any input that you have to offer.
    Joe Starr

  3. Bruce says:

    Hi Joe, Nice to hear from you. I don’t really have just one book that will cover scales, chords, arpeggios and modal sequences. Unfortunately the books I’m about to recommend will also have some overlap but I’ll give you the most cost effective way to approach this. Therefore I’m giving you mostly digital download links for these books. There are physical editions available too if you want that.

    For chords I would start with the Chord Workbook for Guitar Volume One. This will give you 36 chord progressions to apply all the commonly used chords that a professional guitarist needs to know. There are audio files so you can hear all these progressions available online but I should mention that I commonly have students play through these progressions with some MP3s that have you improvise for a chorus then play the chords for a chorus while you only hear a metronome. This helps you ingrain the progressions and gets you into a performance mindset with the progressions. Here is the link for these MP3s:

    Complete Blues Comping both Major and Minor

    For scales I would get Essential Scales: Twenty Two Indispensable Contemporary Modes

    That will give you the fingerings for guitar in the back of the book but also a ton of modal sequences so you can practice the scales in multiple ways. i.e. in thirds, fourths etc… It also gives you crucial info on how to use the scales and a very cool section for each scale that shows you all possible chords that can be derived from each scale.

    When I have students practice scales I often recommend they practice a scale in all positions but then spend some time jamming with the scale so they can get into it in a musical way. For that I would recommend:

    Jam Tracks Volume One: 10 Jam Tracks in all keys 120 Total Tracks

    That will give you jam tracks for all 22 scales and in all keys.

    Personally I’d tackle the scales and the chords first then move on to arpeggios. I have two books for arpeggios.

    Beginning Jazz Guitar:

    Which will give you the small 3 note arpeggios. This course obviously covers a lot more than just those arpeggios.

    I also have a full blown study of larger arpeggios and approach notes which is more of the direction I’d recommend for you. This would be found in the New York Guitar Method Volume Two

    Again this is a large study of arpeggios and I would personally recommend you wait till you have worked through the scales and chords. That usually takes people about 3 months. The arpeggios study usually takes a year or more.

    Couple of things to think about.

    Ear Training:

    I would highly recommend you get into some of my ear training books. Look at my blog and you will see a few posts on what I recommend. For you I’d say this would be the best starting place:

    Ear Training One Note Advanced Book and MP3s

    Contextual Ear Training bundle Book and 4 CDs of MP3s

    Don’t overlook this side of your musicianship it’s really the most important and this ear training is probably quite different from what you are use to.

    Also I’d consider MetroDrone. Which is a type of metronome that gives you a pitch and a rhythm at the same time. This is great for many things but as you play the scales if you can use the MetroDrone files it will help you to always hear each scale in the right key and get you thinking about “Long Line Rhythm” which will help you play faster.

    One last thing is technique. If you don’t play with the right technique you will never become a world class guitarist. I’ve released a DVD that gives you all the right information called Guitar Physiology

    Check out some of the video on youtube about the course.

    Last I would recommend sending me a video of you playing a scale from Essentials books so I can check your technique. Just upload it to youtube or email it to me. It’s crazy to go to all the work of learning if you do it incorrectly. Finally please stay in touch and let me know your progress.

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