Asher Electro Hawaiian Slide and new Duet Group

Recently Dave Schroeder and myself started a duo project where we both play instruments that are not our main axe. Dave, usually a saxophone player, is playing Blues Harmonica and I’m playing my new Asher Electro Hawaiian Slide.

This has been quite a challenge for both of us. The harmonica has many idiosyncrasies and the slide guitar has no frets so intonation is of great concern as is the adjustment to the limits of playing with a steel bar. I’ve created practice regimens to deal with these new challenges but the purpose of this post is to just let you see my new guitar, experience some of the music and a small glimpse into some of the theory behind the composition.

The composition is called Windies (which is a midwest slang for “tall tales.)

Here is a rough mix of the tune:

Windies is a simple composition with a bass line outlining a C-7 sound and a bridge of simple flat 6, to flat 7 to “one” chord and finally a iv minor at end. The bass line is of particular interest because it is made up of two 025’s:

Bb, C, Eb
G, F, D

For those of you not familiar with integer notation an 025 is just a three note group of notes where there is a whole step and a fourth. You can see that the bass line is composed of these two groups found above. I’ve been studying these three note groups for almost 20 years now. I’ve spent a lot of time on:


I’m now turned my attention to 025. I usually spend at least a year on each group, sometimes much more time as in the case of 013 where I’ve been writing compositions with this group for over 10 years.

Hope you enjoy the composition. It has been quite a challenge to learn the slide and to play and solo on it in a duo situation. We are hoping to have our CD done by the end of the month so look out for more information soon.

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  1. Joe Palese says:

    Great tune and really like the use of the 3 note groupings.

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