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LINKS Sonic Twist®Bruce Arnold Artist SiteMuse Eek PublishingJam TracksBruce Arnold FoundationContextual Ear Training®MetroDrone™Guitar Intensive WorkshopKey to Your Kingdom Ear TrainingMichal ...

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin Pitch Class Set Chord Voicings Pitch Class Set Chord Voicings Pitch Class Set Chord Voicings is just a fancy name for a chord. Any chord can be a Pitch Class Set Cho...

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23rd Chords 23rd Chords "23rd Chords" is a 12 tone concept that the great teacher and musician Charlie Banacos invented.  Although most people equate 12 tone with atonal music Charlie didn't be...

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Minor Key Ear Training Fixing Minor Key Ear Training Problems Minor Key Ear Training is a subject that comes up often and this blog post is dedicated to some of the 1st steps you can take to fix...

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Chord Reharmonization Overview This is a followup to the Modern Reharmonization blog post about using the chord reharmonization charts.  Hang on to your seat this gets a bit deep :) The first t...

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Modern Reharmonization Tools for Modern Reharmonization Modern Reharmonization can be a somewhat complicated subject and it can be approached from many angles. In this blog post I want to show h...

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Modern Improvisation Tools for Modern Improvisation Modern Improvisation is a concept that I've investigated quite a bit over the last 25 years. I first started learning about this when I attend...

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Sight Reading Recommendation Sight Reading Recommendation I get many musicians who contact me about how to approach sight reading music. For many musicians it's more like "fright reading" that s...

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Pitch Class Set Improvisation Sonic Resource Guide The Sonic Resource Guide is a guide to pitch class set theory, providing a structure with which to organize music. When utilized, it will broaden y...

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TrueFire, Bruce Arnold and many of NYC’s best guitar educators team up to present: Bruce Arnold’s Jazz Guitar Summit NYC. An incredible 525 minutes of handpicked insights from Jazz Guitar Mast...