Music Theory teaches you the language of music. The examples here help a student to learn the basics of music theory and then apply this knowledge to exercises on the guitar. These pages are excerpts from the book: Music Theory Workbook for Guitar Volume One.

There is also a digital version of this book available here: Music Theory Workbook for Guitar Volume One Digital.

If you find this way of learning helpful then there are 100 pages of exercises like this in the previously mentioned book. These include more background information on the basic music theory, scale and interval construction, the building of triads and 7th chords, diatonic triads and 7th chords, and tensions. If you just want to quiz yourself on intervals I would highly recommend this digital download that asks you music theory questions based on intervals then provides the answer. It’s a great way to learn music theory anywhere that you can listen to an ipod: Music Theory Listening Files.

Intro reading music, clefs and ledger lines
Notation system and chromatic scale
Chromatic scale and Major scale
Major scale on guitar and key signatures
Basic intervals exercises
Basic intervals answers